Monday, July 25, 2011

El Festival Folklórico Internacional vuelve a Calamonte

Cindy Berigan found another article about the Trip 2 festival. I ran it through google translate at her suggestion (pasted below!) I like the part about Irish dance being known for "twists his ankle". Yes indeed, it is.

The next Monday, July 18, will be the XXXII International Festival of Folklore of Extremadura in Spain's Square in the town of Badajoz Calamonte.
The folk group Zobor Slovak University in Nitra, is responsible for inaugurating this year's International Festival, as reported by the local council in a press release.

This folk group, founded in 1965, is one of the oldest folkloric groups in the Slovak Republic. Also, Zobor consists of a brass band and a folk dance group. The repertoire of this group consists of European folklore performances from different parts of Slovakia, which used traditional costumes, dances and songs representing a wide scale in the country's traditional culture.

The other set will participate in this year's International Folklore Festival is Trinity, from the United States, founded by Mark Howard, who won the North American Irish dance. This dance is characterized by the movement of feet, arms do not move as they are fitted to both sides. The dancers wear hard-soled shoes (Jig shoes) and soft-soled (Ghillies), and its performance is characterized by the jumps, with rapid sounds and twists his ankle.

As the end of the Festival, the Association will act Municipal Songs and Dances "San Isidro Labrador" Calamonte, founded in 1998. This association has a new pool of children between three and six years, to participate for the first time at the Festival and continue to participate at regional, regional and national levels.

The International Folklore Festival of Extremadura is considered one of the events of interest Extremadura. It is organized by the Federation of Folklore Extremadura and sponsored by the Junta de Extremadura and the municipalities of the cities where this event is celebrated.

The festival began to have a presence in Calamonte in 2001 with the participation of groups from Burundi (Africa) Chindia (Romania) and the group Folk Songs and Dances Calamonte San Isidro Labrador.

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