Monday, July 25, 2011

El Festival Folklórico Internacional vuelve a Calamonte

Cindy Berigan found another article about the Trip 2 festival. I ran it through google translate at her suggestion (pasted below!) I like the part about Irish dance being known for "twists his ankle". Yes indeed, it is.

The next Monday, July 18, will be the XXXII International Festival of Folklore of Extremadura in Spain's Square in the town of Badajoz Calamonte.
The folk group Zobor Slovak University in Nitra, is responsible for inaugurating this year's International Festival, as reported by the local council in a press release.

This folk group, founded in 1965, is one of the oldest folkloric groups in the Slovak Republic. Also, Zobor consists of a brass band and a folk dance group. The repertoire of this group consists of European folklore performances from different parts of Slovakia, which used traditional costumes, dances and songs representing a wide scale in the country's traditional culture.

The other set will participate in this year's International Folklore Festival is Trinity, from the United States, founded by Mark Howard, who won the North American Irish dance. This dance is characterized by the movement of feet, arms do not move as they are fitted to both sides. The dancers wear hard-soled shoes (Jig shoes) and soft-soled (Ghillies), and its performance is characterized by the jumps, with rapid sounds and twists his ankle.

As the end of the Festival, the Association will act Municipal Songs and Dances "San Isidro Labrador" Calamonte, founded in 1998. This association has a new pool of children between three and six years, to participate for the first time at the Festival and continue to participate at regional, regional and national levels.

The International Folklore Festival of Extremadura is considered one of the events of interest Extremadura. It is organized by the Federation of Folklore Extremadura and sponsored by the Junta de Extremadura and the municipalities of the cities where this event is celebrated.

The festival began to have a presence in Calamonte in 2001 with the participation of groups from Burundi (Africa) Chindia (Romania) and the group Folk Songs and Dances Calamonte San Isidro Labrador.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Until they post the pictures . . .

I believe these are more Press photos that our Internet guru Teri Horan found on-line. I'm sure we'll see tons of shared photos once every one sleeps for 24 hours. Enjoy!

Trip 2 - Philadelphia layover

We have intenet again. We are sitting at our gate in the Philly airport waiting for the last leg of the trip. The girls went to get food that they like - pizza, pretzels, and smoothies - and no fish.

Well, the internet room at the residence was found out by all of the other countries. So, my posting was non existent because the Hondurans were up all night Facebooking.

Our show at the main stage in Badajoz on Thursday night was great. The amphitheater was surrounded by the medieval city walls. We danced with Russia and Romania. The girls had a great show and graduated to self sufficiency. Ellen told us chaperones that we didn't have to work back stage anymore. The girls really look out for each other and are pros when they have their show faces on.

On Friday we danced in Miajadas - the tomato capital of Europe. The town square was packed with spectators. We again had a great meal at a local restaurant. Ask the girls about the appetizer and the main course (Katie Hansen called it).

Saturday was a demonstration day in the town square. The girls taught the locals and other dancers the Siege of Ennis. Then Saturday night there was a final show at the amphitheater. We didn't dance, but participated in the closing ceremony. It's was hard to believe that it was over.

We hung out at the residence until the bus picked us up for Madrid at 3 am. Needless to say, it's been a long day.

You should be proud of your girls - they were great throughout the whole trip. We chaperones feel lucky that we got to know them so well during this special trip.

So, that's all for now. We'll see you soon. Vicki

Friday, July 22, 2011

Another video from TV

Here is a link to another video from the news service. I shows the girls in a parade - but they do show more of the Spanish dancers - how unfair! When I think about how sweaty those wigs must be by now ... shall we have a wig burning party?

Festival Folklorico Poster

I think we will be bombarded with photos when our girls get home!

Shout-out to Minji! We Moms (& Dads) hope you are feeling better! See, we told you to watch out for Italian boys!

Here is a poster from the Festival, that (again) Teri Horan found. This will be great for a scrap book!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trip 1 Dancing in the square

Hi Everyone,
Hopefully, I will get the remaining images I have posted in the next few days.


Ciudad Real town square after the show

Newspaper Article about Trip 2!

Again, Teri Horan has found an article about our Trip 2 girls performing in Spain. AND ... PICTURES! Yea! Thank you, Teri!

Speak Spanish????

Here is a newspaper article about one of the performances...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spain Trip I... Final Photos

Hello Everyone,

It has taken awhile, and hours of going through a smattering of show photos to bring you the final photos of the trip. Eileen and I combined all of photos, so again, this is a compilation of both of our photos.

It was an honor to be a chaperone for such a wonderful group!

Spain 1 Final Performance photos

Madrid Tour with Matthew

The End...

Trip 2 - Show 2

Last night we did a show in San Vicente de Alahambra (I think). We danced with Honduras, which Trip 1 met at their festival. They were fantastico - lots of energy and they had the cutest little dancer that Ellen named Peanut. I have a video of the girls Beat Boxing with Peanut. I don't have time to post it now, but I will try later.

Both groups got a standing ovation from the crowd. Keli and Nicole took show notes for the performance and the teachers thought that they did a great job. The second show was even better than the first.

On the bus ride home, Brian and Brendan had a joke war. We were all pretty slap happy by that time. The show started at 10:30 pm and we didn't leave until around 1 am. Another long day.

Today we went shopping around Badajoz and had a great meal at a tapas restaurant. There was an activity day for the dancers - "games" which was essentially a water fight in a courtyard with all of the other dance troupes.

And now we are off to another party with the other dance groups. Now that we know everyone, this one will be a blast (not that the first party wasn't fun, but we know it will be better).

Adios and hasta luego from Keli, Kaleigh and Vicki

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trip 2 - Special Shout Out

Kate - your mom says hi from Spain : ).

Trip 2 in the NEWS in Badajoz!

Teri Horan found this newspaper article about our girls in Spain! Thanks Teri! Teri already posted it in comments, but I moved it up so that we are all sure to see it!

Grupos de siete países difunden su folklore por toda la ciudad ( El Periódico Extremadura - 19/07/2011 )

Trip 2 - And now for some photos....

On stage after our first show in Calamonte (and yes, they do have spots for group photos).

Teaching the jig at a square in Badajoz.

Step About at the square.

Trip 2 - Bien Bailar

I found the Internet again.....funny how we take so much for granted. I won't post how I got it working - you can ask me at the airport.

Anyway, we had our first show last night in a town called Calamonte. It was about a half hour from Badajoz. The town had a great square with a few cafes, a bell tower and a stage built just for the festival. After a sound check and blocking, we ate dinner at a local restaurant. It was a great meal (not that the cafeteria food at the university is bad, but I have never seen so many ways to eat tuna - we get tuna at breakfast, lunch and dinner).

The girls danced two sets in between dancers from the village (complete with castinets) and Slovakia. They did great - you all would be so proud of them. There is not a lot of English spoken in the smaller towns, but I do know that Bien Bailar means great dancing....that is what the woman next to me said after they did Chicas with Sticks. The band was great as well. You can tell that they have fun wherever they go.

I will say that the Festival has us working hard for our keep. We got home around 2 am after the show (the show started at 10 pm and it was still light out). After breakfast today they had us go to a square in town and do a few numbers as a teaser to get folks out to the festival. We danced with Romania for this show. The best part of this show (from my perspective) was when the girls showed the audience, including the Romanian dancers, how to do the jig. Just like a St Patty's day show....but better.

After the show they took us to a small cafe where we were served Spanish omlet and paella. Then we came back for lunch and some more practice. We have another show tonight in a town outside of Badajoz. Tomorrow is our day off, so we are planning some excursions that include opportunities to shop. All of these girlies are expert shoppers.

I will put some pictures in the next post. I still haven't figured out the linking of the gallery to the blog. I'll continue to post a few as long as the Internet magic continues and then everyone can look through pictures and get the stories behind them from your kids (or Facebook: ) ).

Spain Trip I; The beginning of the end...

Well, we are all home, but the photos will keep coming. Eileen and I have combined all of our photos and I will continue to post... but those last two days have a lot of footage, so it will be done in bits..

In the meantime, enjoy!

Spain I, July 16th... Start of the final Show

Monday, July 18, 2011

A note to Keli Walsh from home!

Hey Keli ♥
We hope you are ok ... we are sending lots of good wishes that you are feeling better.
Mandy & Dylan can't believe you broke your foot, but are curious to see your European crutches ?!? Someone take pictures =)
Thanks to all the girls for lifting Keli's spirits! Thanks to the traveling "Momalinas" for keeping her calms and nursing her. Good luck with the shots ... those may be more difficult for you than the foot!
We love you ... diviertete!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 16, 2011... Photos Spain Trip 1

Sorry for the delay in posting photos... we have had a busy couple of days. This is a compilation of both Eileen's and my photos leading up to, but not including, the last performance on Saturday (those photos to come). The last 24 hours were a whirlwind, and we are just now settling down after our final night out in Madrid (which someone will blog about soon). Enjoy!!!!!

Tracy and Eileen

July 16, 2011

Trip 2 - Some catch up photos....

Finding internet connectivity has been a little bit of an issue at the University. I am in the internet room where the computers look like they are at least 15 years old. I did some cable switching with the help of our guide Alex (who is also turning out to be IT support) to get this connection.

Here are some photos from the past couple of days. We feel like we've lived a month in just a few days....

At dinner our first night in Madrid.

In front of the King of Spain's official residence (but he doesn't live there) with our tour guide Matthew, that you know the girls just loved.

In front of our hotel before our fancy night out.....the girls looked great.

And on the long bus ride to Badajoz....pronounced Bada Ho.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Trip 1 - Final Performance

Tonight was trip 1's final performance - and it was beautiful.

We started the day with a trip to the water park to ride some water slides and cool off, rehearsal and packing in the afternoon, a fancy dinner at a hotel with all the countries, then off to the town of Argamasilla to perform that evening. The building we performed in had an outdoor amphitheater and was also the location where Cervantes wrote Don Quixote in prison. We visited that area after the performance and took a few photos.

We performed with a local group from Argamasilla which made for a fun evening. The show was beautiful - filled with smiles, power and energy! Following we said our goodbyes to the guides, band, and Ellen who will be heading to the festival with Trip 2 in Badajoz. It was a special time together filled with laughter and tears.

Late night bus ride to Madrid to visit in the city for a couple days before heading home. What a magical trip it's been!

T2 - Spanish Fan Flip

Multi -talented Kaleigh.....

T2 - And the most favorite.....

Can you tell that the girls really liked the tour guide Matthew?????

Trip 2 - Favorite things continued

We have been so busy, it has been hard to find time to post. Hopefully you will enjoy the favorite things from our walking tour of Madrid.

Trip 2 - Day threeb

Hi Everyone,

Today was the long trip to Badajoz. It was a long five hours. Everyone knew we were heading to the festival so the ride was fun, full of talking and singing.

We met out translators in the morning. They seem very nice and look forward to the week. Half way through the ride we stopped for lunch in Toledo. Everyone had a choice of chicken, fish, or lamb. After lunch we finished the rest of the ride.

The building we are staying in is beautiful. We are rooming two to a room. The rest of the day and tomorrow are free days. So the plans are not set yet. But right now it is time to move into our rooms.

Miss and love you all.

Chelsea and Nicole

Trip 1 Day ?

Hi all! Sorry we've been so busy and haven't had a chance to blog. Yesterday morning, we did an outreach show in the center of Ciudad Real for all the locals. Although we were very unsure what we were supposed to do during this time, we pulled off a seven number show on the streets of the city. After the show, we had a chance to meet some of the audience members who had been attending our shows all week. After lunch, we practiced with the band for our show in the night, and it ended with some funny songs from Brian. After dinner, we got ready for the show at the auditorium where all of the countries got ready for another carousel show. We were up third of six countries in the show with a set list of Step About, Blackthorn, song sung by Brendan, Planxty Davis and Encore. We were able to watch the Russians, Slovakians and Spanish dancers who performed after us. That night, we had a party for Lauren where we ate cake, or what we thought was cake, along with listening to jokes from Brendan and Brian and a sing-a-long concert from Brendan. Because it was our last night at the festival, all the dancers slept in the hallway with our mattresses (pictures to come). After a fun day at a nearby water park, we are now off to our last practice of the trip followed by a dinner with all the other countries and our last performance.

Hasta Luego!

Danae and Sara Winfrey

Jul 15, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

Trip 1 Spain Planks

Siesta time? No it's plank time........

Spain Trip 1 Planks

Trip 2- Day 2 Madrid

Hi Everyone!

We are really sorry we don't have a lot of pictures, we don't have a cable to share them. But, not to worry many are being taken.

After our breakfast this morning at our hotel, we met some lovely British chaps. We all enjoyed their accents! Our tour guide, Matthew, took us on our 3 and a half hour tour. Even though our feet hurt at the end, it was very entertaining. From celebrating executions to becoming incestuous kings, there was no dull moment! At the end we found out that our Scottish tour guide was in fact a previous Scottish dancer! He showed us his moves (and some flamenco) and in return we performed Encore in front of the Congress building. He was amazed.

After dolling up for dinner and taking many, many pictures, we walked to our restaurant. There we had spaghetti and a choice of turkey, sea bass, or lasagna. It was very authentic....not so much. However, it was delicious and we ended with strawberry ice cream.

Just like last night, we joined a local mariachi band and danced with them. Surprisingly, they remembered us and played our favorite song and even wanted us to dance with them. All of the locals took pictures and clapped along with the band.

Its about time for bed, but tomorrow we travel to Badajoz for our festival and we are all very excited!
Adios y besos! Shannon M, Chelsea, and Katherine

Trip 1 Spain Performance... Video

Hello All,

After a lot of computer work, I do believe we can now link you to a video of the show last night...

From Jul 15, 2011

Tracy and Eileen

Trip1 Morning Outreach

Walked to town for outreach this morning! Dancers are in a busy practice this afternoon so we are not grabbing photos until Showtime later.

Spain Trip 1 Day 5 July 15,2011 Daytime Candids

Trip1 Last night's show

Great show last night!,

More photos from yesterday to come later. Off to do an outreach!


Spain Trip 1 Show -Day 4 July 14, 2011

Spain Trip 1 Day 4 pre show Photos

Spain Trip 1

Yesterday after running through our dances for the evening show a few times and going over some last minute notes, we got the opportunity to go shopping again for a few hours in town. We got ice creams and frozen lemonades again, a real treat here in the scorching weather. We came back for dinner and Pizza!!! after dinner we got ready for our show. We had to walk about 15 minutes to get to the auditorium stage where we would be dancing. The included all of the countries dancing in the festival. Each group danced for 15 minutes. We were second to last and did Celtic Thunder, Treble Jig, Tyler's Solo, and Finale. It was so much fun to see all of the other groups dance and talk to them before and after the show. Our show was great and we all had a ton of fun! When we got back to our room at night, it was almost 2:00 so everyone went to bed soon after. Looking forward to the rest of our performances here!!


Kelly Finnen and Kendall Gaspari

Jul 14, 2011

Jul 14, 2011 Spain Trip 1

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Trip 2 - Our favorite things....

Enjoy the video of the girls sharing their favorite things on the trip so far....

Trip 1: photos of day 3

Sit down with a cup of coffee with this album-- many many photos to view!

Spain Trip 1 Day 3 July 13, 2011

Trip 2 - You know you're tired when....

You can sleep in a chair like this : ).

Shout out to Heather

Gammon in Irish = Jamon in Spainish. Delicioso.

Trip 2 We Have Arrived!!

Hi Everyone!!!

We have finally arrived in Madrid and have settled in! Our hotel is in the center of a big shopping district and it is busy! After splitting up into groups, we all went our own ways and started shopping!!! Everone has agreed that we all should have broughten more money/Euros.
Near our hotel is a theather showing Harry Potter (which many of us hope to go see), and Animal Rights protestors!
After coming back early from shopping, we have all quieted down for the traditional siesta.

Well time to get a few winks in ourselves! Thanks!

Love, Claire, Shannon, and Johanna

Trip 1- 1st Show!!!!

Last night we had the opening ceremony with all the other countries. It was our best night yet and it was so much fun to see the other countries dance. We danced down a red carpet to our stage and felt like movie stars the whole night! Being on stage and looking at the audience gave every single dance a special moment that they will cherish forever. As we performed step about everyone was filled with a rush of excitement. it was such a great feeling. After we danced we went out into the audience and did a paso doble with children. Sarah and I had so much fun we didn't even know what to do with ourselves. After the show Ellen and Michelle let us go to a reception with all the festival dancers. It was AMAZING! We danced the night away and made many new friends. Sarah and I and the rest of our trip learned how to dance like Russians and it was really intense. I even learned a Slavic "Curran event" Our first show set us off to a good start and we are looking forward to having more fun in Spain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Truly,
Sarah Leonard and Erin Gentile :)

Spain Trip 1 7/13/11 Afternoon and Night time...

Trip 1: Additional Day 2 photos

Hola everyone! We have had a fun time trying to capture as many memories as possible.
Enjoy day two!

Spain Trip 1 Day 2 July 12, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Look who is watching you!

I'm such a nerd, but our blog statistics show that we have viewers from all over the world! I know some of these page views are traveling parents and relatives, but you dancers have International Paparazzi after you!

United States 3,173
Spain 331
Germany 16
Ireland 16
Jordan 15
United Kingdom 13
Qatar 7
Argentina 6
Belgium 1
Denmark 1

Trip 2: And they're OFF!

What a great group! Everyone arrived on time, they checked in successfully, got through security, saw a Blackhawk - and are on their way!

Many fun times to come!

T2 Trip 2 - Airport Madness

Trip 2 is on the way. Everyone is so excited to start our adventure. Hola to Trip 1 - we hope to see you in Madrid.

The girls made it through security without a hitch. Our first performance was to do the jig for Patrick Kane (Blackhawk player for those who don't know) in the terminal. Pictures from this fun time will be posted later - all of the camera wires are in the checked luggage.

Hopefully I can figure out how to link our pictures....if not, I'll ask one of the girls.

Adios for now, amigos.

Photos from the parade...

Hello From Spain...

Photos from this morning and the parade!

We love your children! They are the best!

Eileen, Patty and Tracy

Spain Trip 1 7/13/11 Parade

TRIP 1 - Good luck TRIP 2

Best of luck to all our dancers heading out today on TRIP 2. We look forward to sharing stories with all of you!

Opening Day Festivities - Parade Day!

This morning was the beginning of the Festival in the town square of Ciudad Real! Donning our solo dresses and soft shoes, we gathered in the lobby of our residence with the other groups: Germany, Honduras, Slovakia, and Russia. We made a lot of new friends and took pictures together as we compared costumes and hairstyles. Everyone walked together as we paraded through the town square. The musicians from each country strolled along and played inviting music for us to dance! We were all given a delightful chance to practice our Spanish skills by saying "Hola!" and "Buenos dias!" to audience members during the parade. Our group interacted with the locals, and they very much appreciated our costumes. We did a short performance of Encore, Step About, Girls' Slip Jig, and a Reel number near an outdoor restaurant. After the performance we socialized with the audience as they asked about our hair, dresses, makeup, and shoes.

Next, we went to visit the Mayor of Ciudad Real along with the other countries and a group from Madrid. There we held a ceremony in which the head of the Festival explained a little bit about each country. Each band played a song as two members from each country presented the Mayor with a gift. Victoria and Tyler gave the gift and interacted with the Mayor for a while after the ceremony.

Now we are back in our rooms, getting ready to eat and take a short siesta! Can't wait for the rest of the day's festivities! We're having so much fun and miss you all!

Rachel, Lauren, and Olivia Hare

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

End of Day Two!!

Had such a fun day today!!! We got to go to the pool and cool off after this morning's practice. It was fantastic!!! Not too far from our rooms. We had a chance to go shopping in town which was suuper fun!!! Then we had our first practice with the band - it was grand ;-). Brendan, our guitarist, sang us a few songs!! Dinner was a delicious Spanish egg, onion, potato mixture. After dinner, we got another chance to go to town - this time to see a Spanish band. We danced around to their music and even our new friend Annia from Honduras danced with us. The music was great and they played an Irish song just for us. How awesome!!! Back in our rooms now, and ready to sleep for another crazy day. It just keeps getting better!!!! We can not wait to perform tomorrow for Opening Night!! One of the band members that we saw tonight will be playing for us tomorrow!!

Keep on keepin' on.

All our love,
Mary & Marge

Evening photos from Day 2

From Spain Trip I - 7/12/11

Dancing with Anya from Honduras

Photos from Mary Lynn

Enjoy some more photos from Mary Lynn Tachon...

Photos from Mary Lynn


At the end of the afternoon practice, Brendan entertained us all... Enjoy!

Brendan serenading T2

Don't see your favorite dancer on the blog?

If you haven't seen your favorite niece, granddaughter, or dancer on the blog - it is probably because they are traveling on TRIP 2 to Badajoz! TRIP 2 leaves TOMORROW, Wednesday, and our chaperones, teachers and dancers will be posting all we need to know about their trip starting then! Meanwhile, we are labeling, packing, and getting REALLY excited to start the adventure!

FYI Trip One Dancers are:
1. Brewick, Margaret 2. Daley, Mary 3. Felker, Victoria
4. Finnen, Kelly 5. Fitzmaurice, Bailey 6. Gahm, Olivia
7. Gaspari, Kendall 8. Gentile, Erin 9. Hare, Olivia
10. Holland, Mackenzie 11. Kenfield, Meaghan 12. Leonard, Sarah
13. Luetkehans, Danae 14. Morton, Lauren 15. Mullane, Caitlin
16. Mullane, Meghan 17. Oblein, Megan 18. Peter, Alexa
19. Schwartz, Tyler 20. Sitter, Rachel 21. Smith, Elyse
22. Smits, Rianna 23. Stallman, Shannon 24. Tachon, Tanya
25. Trilling, Myah 26. Winfrey, Sara
1. Michelle McNamara 2. Ellen Waller
1. Patty Felker 2. Eileen Gentile 3. Tracy Holland
1. Barret Harvey 2. Brian Holleran 3. Brendan O’Shea

Trip Two Dancers are:
1. Berigan, Deirdre 2. Checovich, Claire 3. Daniel, Maria
4. Ficner, Johanna 5. Fitzgerald, Katherine 6. Gradus, Erin
7. Hansen, Katie 8. Horan, Cara 9. Jeffers, Maddie
10. Kehoe, Shannon 11. LeFaivre, Clare 12. Mahony, Shannon
13. Moran, Nicole 14. Mutza, Morgan 15. Ney, Carley
16. Olson, Minji 17. Potts, Kelly 18. Salina, Kelly
19. Scott, Rachel 20. Walsh, Keli 21. Walsh, Monica
22. Wiecek, Susanne 23. Wilhelms, Katie 24. Williams, Chelsea
25. Williams, Katie 26. Wurster, Kaleigh 27. Wurster, Marissa
1. Ellen Waller 2. Shannon O’Sullivan
1. Vicki Evers (Wiecek) 2. Colette McNamara 3. Caroline Salina
1. Barret Harvey 2. Brian Holleran 3. Brendan O’Shea
Hey Everybody!!

Today was a lot of fun!! We started off the day with some toast, and then practiced!! Our guides showed us the way to a pool!! It was so fun and refreshing!! After lunch, we practiced with the band which was really exciting because of the live music!! At the end of practice, Brendan sang a few songs for us and then we all joined in. It was so inspirational. We're going to rest for a little bit and after dinner we are going to attend another country's performance. We are so excited for our first performance tomorrow!!

Love you all!!

-Tanya, Rianna, and Meghan M.

Additional photos from day 2

Hi again here are a few more photos added to one of the albums!

TII Spain Trips 2011

New Photos

Hello All! Photos from Free Time last night and today... now they are off at practice!

TII Spain Trips 2011

Day two photo updates

Practicing, watching others practice and watching Brian....act like Brian.

Day 2

Started out the morning with a delicious breakfast to prep us for a great rehearsal. Because the dancers worked so hard during rehearsal, they were rewarded with a trip to the pool! This afternoon has in store some siesta time (still trying to get on Spain time) and a long rehearsal with our band - everyone is excited to put it all together. More soon!

Monday, July 11, 2011

End of first day in Spain!

We just got back from a show featuring local dancers from Madrid. It was cool to see authentic and traditional Spanish dancing. The crowd was very relaxed and enjoyed it, but managed to stay cool in this hot weather with hand fans. It's interesting to see the activities being done at different times here. For example, the show of Spanish dancers did not start until 11 pm. After the show, we found an ice cream stand (or el helado) that had amazing creamy authentic ice cream flavors. We then walked back to the college dorms where we are staying while bonding with the tour guides, Ava and Jose. We are looking forward to a fun and exciting day tomorrow; practicing, going to the pool and getting to know the other countries in the festival, Germany, Honduras, Slovakia and Russia.

Hasta luego!


MacKenzie, Tyler, Sara Winfrey, and Danae

Trip Hola Video!

Shout outs during rehearsal!

Meghan Mullane says "sup Laura Mac and Hey Grandma!"
Erin Gentile says "Hi Grandma!"
Alexa Peter says "Hi Ryan - have fun getting your fish!"
Megan Oblein says "Hello family!"
Olivia Gahm says "hola Antonio"
Shannan and Myah say "Hi to Ronny, Johnny, Kathi and Vicki"
Kendall Gaspari "Hi Dad!"
Elyse says "Hi Grandma and Grandpa - don't feed Giz Mo onions"
Tory Felker says "Hi Daddy, Tucker & Fancy"
Tyler Schwartz says "What up bro bro!"
Danae Luetkehans "Hi Trinitrons!"
From Bailey, Margaret and Sarah "Hi Ria, Kaylee & Joe Gahm!"
Rachel Sitter "Hi Grammy"
Sarah Leonard says "hi to Dad, brothers, Sophie and Matt Marconi"
Michelle Mac says "Hi Ally Felker, Dad, Mom, Connor, Laura and Kate!"
Lauren Morton says "Hi Rosie Posie!"
MacKenzie says "Hi to Dad and Rhiannan!"
Kelly Finnen says "Hey Finn Fam!"
Margaret says "Hey Brewcrew"
Mullanes say "I miss you and I love you Bailey & Ghillie"
Olivia Hare "Hi Family!"
Tanya says "Good luck to Trip 2!"
Mary Daley says "Hi to Anne, Martha and Daisie"
Sara Winfrey says "hi Fiona - DON'T TAKE MY CLOTHES"
Meaghan Kenfield says "Hi Kenfield Family - have fun at science camp Lilli"
Ellen says "Hi Gahl/Wallers out there! and all alumni TII dancers!"
Hello to Emily Phelan, Nicole, Kalyn, Julio Rosa, Brittney, Mairi, Daniel & Danielle!
Hello to all our Trinity teachers out there - we're working hard over here!


Hello again!

Just got finished with lunch (chicken and potatoes and pasta!) Ellen and I bribed Meaghan Kenfield and Meghan Mullane to do hop 123s around the cafeteria (for some entertainment) and in return they got twizzlers :) Now everyone is resting for a little, taking showers, or hanging signs on their doors so we know whose who.

We are meeting in the lobby at 4 and running a short practice to get their brains thinking!

Tonight, the local Ciudad Real dancers are performing in the town's square at 11pm and our plan is to head down to watch! Looking forward to it.

All of the dancers, chaperones and musicans are doing great! Everyone is pumped for what the week will bring!
Look for more updates and pictures soon!

Love you!

Ellen and Michelle

Trip 1 Travel and Day 1 photos

Hi everyone,
Check the web album for new photos!

Spain Trip 1 Day 1 July 10 & 11, 2011
Hello Families and Friends!

We all have arrived safe and sound in Ciudad Real! No lost luggage and we had our first practice in the airport parking lot while waiting to meet up with the Mullanes. Once we found them and Brendan our little family was finally complete! It was only a two hour bus ride from Madrid to here and we just met our guides Jose and Ava-they are so nice! We are all unpacking now into our rooms which are surprisingly nice! Every person has their own room with a personal bathroom, bed, desk, and drumroll..... air conditioning! The rooms are part of a university so they're kind of dorm like. Well were headed down to lunch now and will blog again later!

Thanks for all your support!
Miss you all already!
Love, Olivia Gahm and Bailey Fitz

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Picasa Web Album Link for Spain Trip 1


Please check back soon - we are excited to create some fantastic memories!! Posting will be done whenever we can find a wifi connection..

Friday, July 8, 2011

Last TII Spain Rehearsal

Trip 1 completed their LAST Spain rehearsal today and Trip 2 is finishing up tomorrow. It's been a couple months of hard work and they're just about ready to step off to Spain. We hope you enjoy following along with us on our journey!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Ready to Travel

Looking forward to sharing photos with everyone at home.